Leather Master Stay Bright Kit
Leather Master Stay Bright Kit
Suitable for all types of leather seats (furniture, cars, aircraft and boats), clothing, accessories, etc.. except nubuck and suede items. Very effective on light leather in general. Do not use on nubuck and suede! Colour Transfer Remover Colour Transfer Cleaner is a specialized natural cleaning product that eliminates color transfer on light leathers, such as blue jean dye transfer, newspaper print transfer, etc. Color transfer is not typically on top of the finish, but has partially penetrated the finish of light colored type A (Aniline) and P (Protected) leather. In order to eliminate the color transfer completely, the product must penetrate the finish. Leather Barrier Reduces the probability of future color transfer on light leathers. Leather Barrier will perform like the protection cream but it adds an additional layer of protection on the surface of the leather, specifically designed for preventing dye transfer. Leather Cleaner Can 'be used as a cleaner to effectively remove dirt and most stains General food and drink. Must be used to completely remove the Colour Transfer Remover after its use in the removal of color transfers. Content: 125 ml Colour Transfer Remover 225 ml Leather Cleaner 225 ml Leather Barrier 2 Cloths 1 Sponge 1 Brochure
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