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News and updates

At our company we care about constant corporate development, improvement of the working process and customer support, that is why extremely concerned about sharing the latest and most interesting news, updates or simply images from our daily work.

April 2016: See more befores and afters of furniture upholstery and antique furniture restoration.

March 2016: Photos of furniture custom made by Universal Upholstering inc's professionals.

January 2016: Check out more before and after wood repair photos

December 2015: Some more leather repair before and after pics, plus furniture for sale - be sure to contact us if you're interested in something, even if it was already sold, it can be custom made for you!

November 2015: More antique furniture restoration before and afters, and remember to check out the large stock of upholstery fabric.

October 2015: See our furniture upholstery before and after pics.

September 2015: New furniture repair and Vehicle Upholstery photos added.

August 2015: List of services updated - check them out!

July 2015: See added upholstery, custom furniture and furniture repair photos.

June 2015: For a free furniture repair and upholstering estimate, attach photos here.

May 2015: For curtains, drapes and valances, see our window treatments gallery.

April 2015: Get custom slipcovers for a furniture as a great way to prevent wear and tear!

December 2014: Our large stock of upholstery fabric has allowed for a limited time special offer. Subscribe to our mailing list on any Universal Upholstering page to receive brand new coupons for January! Get our new coupons for free foam and fabric from stock when you upholster dining room chairs or kitchen chairs.

November 2014: Added more wood repair before and after pics, and updated furniture for sale - remember to contact us if you're interested in something even if it has already been sold, since we make custom furniture as well!

September 2014: The furniture for sale listings have been re-arranged so that photos of the new and unsold items are conveniently on top. REMINDER: Universal Upholstering Inc can custom make most kinds of furniture, so if something that has already been sold interests you, please contact us about having it custom made! Also, more Vehicle Upholstery and Furniture Upholstery photos have been added.

August 2014: New photos added to furniture upholstery - check them out! The Vehicle Upholstery page has been revamped with thumbnails and structure, to look like our other categories.

July 2014: More furniture for sale has been sold - take advantage of the remaining custom furniture while it's still available! More real customer testimonials have been added. Use that page to submit your own testimonials to us.

June 2014: Now there's more antique restoration before and after images and more custom valances photos. Also, sign up now for a 10% off coupon at by entering your email address.

May 2014: See our custom made slip covers and more custom slip covers pics.

April 2014: Take advantage of the still available in stock upholstery fabrics while the prices and supplies last!

March 2014: More custom made furniture by Universal Upholstering's service pros.

February 2014: By popular request, coupon expiry date has been extended. Sign up now and you can take advantage of the coupons you receive for up to a year!

January 2014: Check out the special offers from Universal Upholstering Inc!

December 2013: Coupons are now available! Subscribe on any page of to receive our exclusive coupons via email!

November 2013: View some of the services Universal Upholstering Inc provides.

October 2013: You can now buy our best leather protection and leather cleaning products online visit the website and check out our list of available products.

September 2013: We dramatically expanded our selection of high quality upholstery fabrics available at excellent prices! These fabrics are only available as part of upholstering service.

August 2013: You can now buy leather care products from our store. The most popular Leather Master products have been added, and more will be added shortly. Also, see our photos of Custom Furniture and Furniture Repair.

July 2013: Removed duplicates from Customer Reviews and Testimonials - be sure to leave a review if you are satisfied and hopefully contact us first if you aren't!

June 2013: Updated the Furniture For Sale once again, and added a brand new Customer Reviews and Testimonials page, with an option to add your own testimonial!

May 2013: Updated and added more Furniture For Sale and Antique Furniture Restoration pics, and finally added the Google+, Facebook and Twitter buttons as well as links to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

April 2013: More additions to Furniture For Sale pics and the ones already sold are marked accordingly.

March 2013: A few additions to the Furniture For Sale category, and some updates to Furniture Repair gallery.

February 2013: Universal Upholstering Inc now has a new Furniture For Sale category, plus small updates to the Leather Repair and Wood Repair galleries.

January 2013: The Furniture Upholstery and Furniture Repair galleries have been updated with more before-and-after photos and descriptions.

December 2012: Updates in the Furniture Upholstery and Furniture Repair before-and-after pics.

November 2012: See chair caning and more in Universal Upholstering's wood furniture repair before and after photos.

October 2012: Updated and added to our leather furniture repair before and afters.

September 2012: More Furniture Upholstery before and after pics

June 2012: Universal Upholstering's before and after Furniture Repair photos.

May 2012: Get the new special offers available from Universal Upholstering!

April 2012: Furniture repair, upholstering, custom furniture and a range of other related services in Chicago and the Chicagoland area.

March 2012: Photos of Custom Window treatments - curtains, drapes and valances

January 2012: Pictures of furniture custom made by Universal Upholstering's professionals.

December 2011: Take a look at our leather furniture repair before and afters.

October 2011: Universal Upholstering Inc's full list of services has been updated.

September 2011: We also do Custom slip covers as well as custom pillows and pillow covers.

August 2011: Vehicles - car seat upholstery, motorcycle seat upholstery, RVs, trucks, etc.

July 2011: Check out our furniture upholstery as well as antique furniture restoration before and after pics

June 2011: Upholstery, custom made furniture and repair in Chicago land area. Here's the full list of services of Universal Upholstering Inc.

May 2011: Universal Upholstering makes custom furniture too - see our custom made furniture photos as well.

April 2011: See our Leather Furniture and Wood Furniture before and afters.

March 2011: For an in-home estimate and/or in-home furniture repair, call us: 1-847-537-8009.

February 2011: Contact Us for a FREE furniture repair estimate, or to leave feedback

January 2011: We can also still help you with Window Treatments - custom made curtains, drapes and valances of high quality and low price!

December 2010: Knockdown Furniture is also still available - we disassemble and reassemble furniture if it doesn't fit through the door, and/or for moving purposes.

November 2010: Still doing furniture repair and upholstery, as we have since 1987.

October 2010: The Furniture Upholstery and Furniture Repair galleries have been updated with more before-and-after photos and descriptions.

September 2010: Added another set of new Vehicle Upholstery images with updated, more detailed descriptions.

August 2010: Our original Furniture Repair and Upholstery Special Offers are back! As always, take advantage of the Free Online Furniture Repair and Upholstery estimates by sending us a photo of the furntiure that needs to be repaired, reupholstered, etc.

July 2010: More new images and descriptions in Furniture Upholstering and Wood Repair added.

June 2010: Some additions to Universal Upholstering's main home page. Minor re-design and updates to ALL website's pages, and descriptions added to the newest pictures in our Furniture Repair, Furniture Upholstery, Leather Repair and Wood Repair photo galleries.

May 2010: New additions to the Vehicle Upholstery and a larger, revised List of Services - in addition to furniture repair and furniture upholstering, Universal Upholstering Inc offers a variety of high quality professional furniture services. In addition to serving the furniture needs of individuals, we do business with many clients - including furniture stores, furniture brands and popular well-known business establishments.

April 2010: Another addition to our furniture service related special offers, and a re-design of the Universal Upholstering Inc's website sitemap.

March 2010: More new pictures and descriptions in Custom Slip Covers and Wood Repair. Also, you may now use the shortcut - and it will take you to! To bookmark our main page, press Control+D.

February 2010: New furniture repair pictures added to Universal Upholstering's main home page.

January 2010: More ads, and new Furniture Repair and Upholstery Specials added!

December 2009: New furniture repair and upholstery photos added to: Custom Furniture, Furniture Repair, Furniture Upholstery, Leather Repair, Vehicle Upholstery and Wood Repair.

November 2009: Updated headers in pages: Custom Furniture, Antique Furniture Restoration, Furniture Repair, Furniture Upholstery and Custom Slip Covers.

October 2009: New website design of Universal Upholstering Inc's website was implemented.

September 2009: Additional repair and restoration images added to the Furniture Repair, Furniture Upholstery, Antique Restoration, Leather Repair and Vehicle Upholstery pages. The camera logo on the left now distinguishes all Universal Upholstering's gallery web pages.

August 2009: More before and after photos have been added to the Wood Repair and Vehicle Upholstery pages.

July 2009: For the longest time Universal Upholstering Inc has done far more than just upholstering. Since we perform a large variety of furniture services, we are now also known as Universal Furniture Services and this site can also be accessed through the Universal Furniture Services website.

June 2009: A fresh new update and a new look is given to the entire website, so all the gallery links are available to your left. These currently include: Furniture Repair, Furniture Upholstery, Antique Restoration, Vehicle Upholstery, Custom Furniture, Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Slip Covers and Window Treatments.

May 2009: Universal Upholstering Inc presents a brand new addition to the list of services - Custom Kitchen Cabinets.

April 2009: More before and after photos added - these can now be viewed in the Furniture Upholstery, Furniture Repair and Antique Furniture Restoration sections.

February 2009: A new Custom Slip Covers section was opened for the custom slip covers photos.

December 2008: A new Custom Furniture section was opened and the custom furniture pictures were moved there. Also more additions to the photos here and on the Custom Furniture page.

October 2008: More photos added, this time before and after new Custom Furniture gallery. The custom furniture images were moved to this gallery, and several new custom made furniture photos were added - all made by Universal Upholstering Inc.

June 2008: Giving the newly available service its credit, the new Knockdown Furniture page was made and the special offer of Knock down Furniture service was moved there. Knock-down furniture includes disassembling and reassembling furniture. This knockdown service is mostly used for moving purposes, and is also used for moving new furniture when the furniture is too large to fit through the doors.

January 2008: Along with a new service, the new Window Treatments section was opened and several photos of the custom window treatments were added to the site. Custom made window treatments include custom curtains, drapes and valances.

December 2007: In upholstering, like in many other things, a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why is now publishing some of the before and after photos of our custom made upholstery, custom furniture and furniture repair work. Our professional furniture repair specialists are always primarily concerned with the actual furniture and upholstery repair work itself, so many good photo opportunities will still be missed. However, we'll try to bring you a general overview of some of the things we repair and approximately what to expect from the furniture repair and custom upholstery work.

October 2007: A page with current Vehicle Upholstery Info and Photos added to the site. The custom vehicle upholstery services include car seat upholstering, as well as upholstery jobs for the cars, RVs, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats and even airplanes.

September 2007: A page with current Specials added to the site. The Contact Form now allows you to include photos of your furniture, so we can email you back with a FREE furniture repair quote.

October 2006: Along with yet another major appearance change, several updates were made to - the site now listed some of the basic services being provided - Furniture Upholstery, Furniture Repair and Custom Made Furniture still being the main ones.

December 2001: Website remade with a new look and feel.

June 1999: website created and went live shortly after.

April 1987: As an incorporated business with a physical storefront (853 W. Dundee Rd., Wheeling, IL, 60090) became officially known as Universal Upholstering Inc.

July 1984: The company Universal Upholstering first began doing business in custom furniture upholstery and repair.