Leather Repair

Leather Repair & Restoration Services

Universal Upholstering offers leather repair services. We repair leather furniture upholstery (sofas, couches, ottomans, chairs, sectional leather furniture) as well as vinyl upholstery for commercial and residential customers, remove any leather damages (scratches, tears, stains, wears) that spoil great and expensive look of the furniture piece. With our professional leather repair services your furniture is in safe hands.

Leather restoration and leather care on the spot for residential and commercial accounts. Our highly experienced technicians restore furniture leather or any leather/vinyl upholstery to original condition. Leather care program – leather cleaning, leather protection, leather rejuvenation is at your service.

  • • Leather furniture repair
  • • Color matching
  • • Restoration
  • • Cleaning
  • • Conditioning
  • • Leather car seat repair
  • • Automotive interior repair
  • • Leather airplane seat repair
  • • Marine upholstery repair
  • • Medical furniture upholstery repair
  • • Boat seats repair
  • • Commercial vinyl repair

Leather repair and restoration services with all kinds and colors of genuine and bonded leather ready in stock and for order. Leather repair and leather upholstering process is extremely interesting and at the same time needs professional skills to make due to the cost and features of the material. Also, we have variety of products for leather care - leather cleaner, leather conditioner, leather protection kit and more.

Contact us for a consultation and get free estimate! Our experts will provide you with all necessary information regarding leather repair of the damaged or scratched leather furniture, leather upholstering of sofas, chairs, couches, loveseats and more.