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Upholstery fabric at Universal Upholstering

Upholstery fabric collection in our shop

We offer variety of upholstering fabrics of different color pallets and textures to choose from at your service in our shop. Upholstering material is no less important than the furniture itself because it influences the way it looks like and should match the entire environment, for that reason we developed an enormous collection of upholstering fabrics for our clients that able to satisfy any, even most demanding clients.

In our work we use only quality upholstery fabrics, mostly from the leading manufacturers. If you are interested in the custom furniture, our designers will create the furniture using upholstery to your liking from scratch and if it is just the regular upholstery for your furniture piece we will choose the right color, texture, manufacturer and excellent price!

Large collections of fabrics in stock makes furniture upholstering at our shop convenient and fast, since you will not need to wait until the desired fabric to be delivered.

Still you have an option to select an orderable furniture fabric with great quality and amazing discount prices! Just call and let us know what your preferences as to the furniture upholstery fabrics are and get your free quote.

Upholstery fabrics