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Caning Repair

Chair Caning Repair. Wicker, Rush, Rattan Repair & Replacement

Among other furniture repair services, we offer chair caning repair, replacement of the torn, worn out or faded wicker, rush and rattan seats and backs. For recaning we use original natural hand made and machine produced materials.

There are two types of caning: hand-woven and pressed. Hand-woven is distinguished by the small holes drilled through the perimeter of the seat. Pressed cane comes in pre-woven sheets, which are cut to fit the seat and held in place by a spline around the edge. Our cane chair repair is not limited to cane chair seats - bring any furniture cane repair that you have and we'll take care of it.

Repairing rush seats is another popular service. There are two types of rush caning: natural and fiber. Natural rush seating we recommend for repairing rush seats in fine antiques. For the chairs that are used every day, fiber rush is a great alternative.

  • • Caning (hand and machine)
  • • Fiber, paper and natural rush
  • • Wicker/Rattan repair
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