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Wood Repair

Expert Wood Furniture Repair, Refinishing & Custom Woodworking

At our shop we do wood furniture repair and restoration of couches, chairs, loveseats, ottomans, recliners and more. The furniture based on a wooden frame prone to loose structural stability, parts may brake and need to be restored or replaced. We are able to manufacture not only separate wooden parts, but also complete furniture frame from scratch.

Furniture refinishing is one of the most demanded wood furniture repair procedures that must be done only by professionals. Restoration or refinishing of the kitchen cabinets, tabletops, drawers, nightstands etc., antique restoration is an art-type process. Working on a wooden furniture surfaces is a very important to use the right materials, have the perfect color feel and many years of professional background.

Letting us to take care of your wood furniture repair needs is the way to achieve the best results in restoring the previous look and the beauty of the polished wooden furniture surface.

PRECISION REPAIR: Repair of minor wooden surface damages, including scratches, gouges, stains, etc.

RE-GLUING/ MINOR ADJUSTMENTS: Structural damage repair with re-gluing and minor adjustments of component parts.

RESTORATION/ REFINISHING: Restoration or refinishing of worn out finishes or discoloration, color matching.

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